Joint Research Area

A joint Research Area extended to new associated partners

EU-CONEXUS has launched a Project Development Fund for researchers in order to support the development of collaborative research and innovation projects.
The participation to the Project Development Fund is now open to new Associated Partners of the European University.
This Project Development Fund provides financial support for the development of Project proposals up to €4 000 (consultancy services, organisation, travel, subsistence costs…).
More information on how to apply here.

Joint Research Institutes will actively pursue the implementation of pilot Joint Research Projects in the framework of Joint Diploma, MSc and Ph.D. theses, funded projects as well as services provision to the industry (including vocational training). 

In order to ensure the efficient transfer of knowledge and dissemination of the common research activities, Joint Research Institutes will organize joint academic events including seminars, conferences, etc, open to the general public.

Joint Research institute can apply, through the Joint Research Steering Committee, for funding from the EU‐CONEXUS common budget in order to develop cooperation projects to be submitted at calls for proposals (EU‐CONEXUS project development fund). These teams involve at least three of the EU‐CONEXUS partner institutions and undergraduate and/or postgraduate students and/or public, social and/or economic actors.

Finally, Joint Research Institutes, in close collaboration with the JRSC, will exploit all available possibilities for funding of common research projects.