A word from the Rector

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The Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest is a higher education institution with a long tradition and an indisputable prestige built through hard work and care by our visionary forerunners. The university trains specialists in the field of civil engineering, environmental engineering, plant engineering, geodetic engineering and mechanical engineering for construction. Higher education in construction contributed decisively to the development of modern Romania by forming a well-trained professional body that had prestigious achievements such as (the list is not exhaustive, but exemplary) the development of the national network of roads, bridges and railways, the development of energy industry through the construction of dams, the rapid urban development of Romania in the second half of the last century, the multipurpose industrial development through the construction of structures and installations of great complexity. In the next period, the Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest will become a regional pole of excellence in education and research in the field of constructions and will contribute to the consolidation of the role of civil engineering in the society of the future.

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