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10 reasons to choose UTCB

1. UTCB – European University

UTCB is part of the European University for the Smart Sustainable Development of Urban Coastal Areas (EU-CONEXUS), which is a transnational institution of higher education and research. EU-CONEXUS is one of the 17 “European University” projects that have been selected by the European Commission from the 54 proposals submitted for funding.2

2. High salaries, low taxes

The fields of study offered by UTCB are among the few that help Romania’s development and are part of a priority economic sector. Briefly, UTCB graduates will have to pay lower fees and benefit of higher salaries.3

3. Job guaranteed

UTCB guarantees you a job while still studying at your faculty, and also after graduation.4

4. The scholarship is yours!

There are at least 10 types of scholarships that UTCB offers. You just have to see what criteria suit you best!5

5. Student accommodation provided

Campus and student life experience awaits you with fun and group projects. In addition, the campus is 2 minutes from the university and it will save you from waking up at dawn.6

6. High-Quality internships

You can do your internship at the largest companies in the field and turning yourself from an intern into an employee.7

7. Volunteering

The Bucharest Students’ Association deals with the organization of balls, events and conference evenings. You can become involved as a volunteer and improve some other skills.8

8. Free computer programs and applications

While studying at UTCB, you don’t have to risk downloading pirated programs with hidden viruses. We offer you any software and applications you need for projects such as Windows license, Microsoft Office package, AutoCAD or Allplan.9

9. Research projects

You can deepen your knowledge with the support of teachers through national and international research projects. Nothing stops you from discovering an innovation!10

10. Personal Development

You benefit of training courses in the field of personal development through the partnership with the World Bank.

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