Call for researcher’s mobility

EU-CONEXUS partner universities launch their research staff mobility calls

In order to support the development of the EU-CONEXUS Joint Research Area, the six partner universities of EU-CONEXUS have launched a call for research staff mobility among the alliance.

Each University opens up the opportunity for its research staff (Researchers/Professors, PhD students, Post-doc researchers, technicians and administrative staff for research) to visit another partner or associated partner university, its research units/laboratories or to participate to a research conference in-situ. Projects are expected to be collaborative and involve visits to the research infrastructure/s and unit/s by one researcher of the host institution (identified in the application).

The objective is for researchers to collaborate together, to be trained on certain protocols and processes or impulse new joint research projects on the smart urban coastal sustainability topic. 

The Universities will fund the mobility costs (travels, subsistence) under its own institutional rules.

Researchers with disabilities/special needs can request additional grant support.

For more information, please contact the mobility office of each university: