Research Facilities

La Rochelle Université

Laboratories in a partnership with Private Institutions:

International laboratories

Agricultural University of Athens

Research in production, protection of aquatic environment and welfare of farmed species

In vitro toxicology research
Αssessment of toxicity of pesticides and mycotoxins
Ιdentification of natural bioactive compounds with pharmacological potential

Marine microorganisms systems biology
Development of high added value products form marine organisms including microalgae and marine bacteriophages

La Universidad Católica de Valencia “San Vicente Mártir”

Marine Biology and Marine Biotechnology
Coastal and Environmental Geomorphology
Aquatic Resources
Chemical and Coastal Marine Oceanography
Marine Geology and Physical Oceanography

Social Sciences
Law Sciences
Political Sciences
Economy and Enterprise
Educational Sciences, Experimental/Social/Basic Psychology, Philosophy
Social and Cultural Anthropology, History
Bibliometry, Philology, Literature, Linguistics
Visual and Scenic Arts,
Ethic, BioLaw, Bioethics

Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest

Seismic monitoring and seismic hazard analysis; Seismic response of the ground;
Analysis of seismic risk and resilience; Assessing building safety at natural hazard (earthquake, wind, snow).

Underground water resources, groundwater studies in urban environments

Applying GNSS systems in studies of crustal movements (geodynamics)
Monitoring of geomorphologic and climatic changes, pollution expansion
Developing risk maps for natural or man-made disasters

University of Zadar

Aquaculture production
Environmental and economic sustainability
Technical maintenance
Capacity to adapt to natural, economic and societal changes
Integrated multitrophic aquaculture (IMTA)

Klaipeda University

Health Service Research, Balneology and Blue Technology, innovative social work
Impact of coastal environment on human health and well-being: aspects of recreation and tourism

Application of rehabilitation methods to improve the quality of life
Aquatic ecology & Biogeochemistry
Aquatic resources, Fisheries & Aquaculture
Marine & Coastal investigations

Clean waterborne transport & environmental assessment

Mechanical & material engineering
Ship & Port constructions

Pre-Historic and Historic Cultural and Social Landscapes of the Eastern Baltic Region 
Social and Cultural Change in the Eastern Baltic Region in the Mediaeval and Modern Periods