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The Student Research Hub (SRH) is a two-month training program designed to foster collaboration between:

SRH teams work together on specific research tasks in a dynamic setting (physical, remote, and/or blended). More specifically, if SRH is provided by the students‘ host university, on-site participation is expected, and in other cases attendance will be remote.

The primary focus of collaboration is to either contribute to ongoing research projects, or explore new research ideas. Overall, participants shall receive training in various aspects of research through a problem-solving procedure.

This training is particularly beneficial to those embarking on both their undergraduate and master theses.

Under the guidance of Mentors and Leaders, participants gain expertise in advanced instrumentation, digital and green technologies, and qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Additionally, the program emphasizes the development of cognitive, non-cognitive, and job-specific skills to prepare students for a successful transition into the job market.

For more information check the website.

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