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1. Projects aiming at disseminating SmUCS topics, research results, and good practice in sustainable management of urban coastal areas to the general public and stakeholders

Form of the projects: workshops, exhibitions, production of promotional materials (video, new technologies, poster), researchers about some SmUCS (Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability) topics

Topic suggestions: Excursions to coastal companies like ports, Workshops on how to transport things in a sustainable way, Workshop: ‘How to find the balance between globalisation and regionalism, Poster contest about named topics with vernissage/event, Lecture or discussion chain. Different perspectives on climate change in coastal areas, Workshop on how to eat and buy in sustainable way…

2. Projects aiming at strengthening EU-CONEXUS students community such as collaboration between student organisations, volunteering, projects in peer support, projects that promote equal opportunities, inclusiveness and gender equality among students and all other types of projects that promote collaboration between students of partner institutions

Form of the projects: : It could be learning in tandem, cooperation between student boards, volunteer action, joint participation in sport, cultural and other events, workshops, competitions

Topics suggestions: Short-time student exchanges, Art festival, Video contest between universities-best initiative for climate neutral university.

Traditional cooking workshops with at least one dish for each partner, Traditional sports and games, History projects, tracing the common stories between countries, Sport competitions ‘EU-CONEXUS Games’…


Eligibility criteria

All students and students associations within the EU-CONEXUS alliance can apply for this Call. In order for the project to be acceptable, the project team must consist of students from minimum three EU-CONEXUS Universities. A project proposal must be submitted All activities foreseen by a single project have to be finished within maximum one year from the start of the project.

Evaluation criteria

Evaluation process you can read in Framework for student projects (RULES)

Funding criteria


For EU-CONEXUS Call framework for student projects see the rules here.


All applications must be sent by email:



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