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The partner universities within EU-CONEXUS are proposing to their bachelor students the opportunity of adding or integrating in their curricula Minor programmes (secondary specialization) providing skills and competences in the area of Blue Economy and Blue Growth.

Discover the 2 Minor programmes proposed within EU-CONEXUS!

UTCB has a valuable and consistent contribution within these Minor programs, launched in the second semester of the 2020-2021 academic year, by coordinating one of the mentioned programs, from the Ocean Energy and Coastal Engineering study departments.

Currently UTCB offers 8 courses within the two Minor programs involving 27 teachers, with the intervention in some cases of external experts, socio-economic partners UTCB. The courses are attached to the curriculum of the English section of the Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages ​​at UTCB:

By enrolling in the EU-CONEXUS Minor programmes you will benefit from academic and cultural exchange, and receive not only up-to-market knowledge and competences but also enriched curricula, which will be reflected in your European degree and Diploma Supplement.

Minor´s programme (sometimes called specialisation) is a specific interdisciplinary set of courses in the same or different field of studies, that you can choose freely and make up your own set choosing 30 ECTS throughout your studies.

Depending on your bachelor study programme, you can choose Minor programme as a part or additionally to your study curricula.

If you do not wish to attend the full Minor´s programme, you can always choose only the courses that interest you and enjoy some of the benefits of the EU-CONEXUS experience and to have them listed in your Diploma Supplement.

Details about the registration procedure are given on the Minor’s pages.

Candidates selection within the consortium will be made using the following criteria:

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