Joint Research Projects

EU-CONEXUS, the European University for Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability, addresses global and local challenges by tackling coastal environmental, technical, economic and societal needs.  

The EU-CONEXUS Joint Research Area brings together researchers and students from the different partner institutions around common fields of interest: Life Sciences and Biotechnology; Environmental Sciences and Biodiversity; Coastal Engineering; Social, Culture and Human Sciences.

One of EU-CONEXUS willingness is to support the implementation of joint research projects in the framework of funded collaborative projects by creating a Project Development Fund.

For this Project Development Fund, researchers from EU-CONEXUS partner universities can apply for funding in order to develop collaborative research and innovation projects.

The Project Development Fund will increase the participation of EU-CONEXUS partners in research and innovation calls for proposals (such as Belmont Forum, H2020, ERA-NET…) with a European or international dimension. Applications can be sent any time as this call will be open until 31/08/2022.

Eligibility criteria

Funding Criteria*

Selection Rules

 The EU-CONEXUS project leader has to send the completed application form to EU-CONEXUS at the following email address:

A two-step-evaluation will take place:

Dissemination process

The project leader will be informed by e-mail about the results of the evaluation. He/she will inform his/her collaborators about the selection results.


Contact e-mail:



*La Rochelle Université manages the project development fund on behalf of the EU-CONEXUS consortium. Expenses should be in line with LRUniv expenses rules. In case of a higher amount of expenses, a separate bill up to the total amount of the grant allocated by EU-CONEXUS through the Project Development Fund will be asked for.