#ESA23 second edition of the European Student Assembly

12 June 2023

This year, 230 students from 30 European countries, selected from 1,400 applications, spent three days visiting the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France. We are delighted that among these students, UTCB had a representative – Alexia-Maria Radu from the Faculty of Railways, Roads and Bridges. As she represented both UTCB and the European Alliance we are part of (EU-CONEXUS), Alexia joined the other students from the European Universities Alliances.

The European Student Assembly (ESA 2023) in Strasbourg brought together students from the European University Associations (EUA), including EU-CONEXUS, and numerous other partners to engage in meaningful discussions, develop recommendations and advocate for change.

There was a wide range of topics to discuss. The 10 topics ranged from democracy and sustainability to mental health, foreign policy, and skills development.

Panel discussions were held over three intensive days to refine the proposals. In addition, participants had the opportunity to get to know the city of Strasbourg as the capital of the European Parliament.

All panel discussions were very useful and meaningful and provided students with the opportunity to gain new insights. Of particular interest to the students of EU-CONEXUS were the few panel discussions that addressed current and general values, as well as sustainability, higher education, coast and knowledge. With respect for the ideas and approaches of younger generations, it was pointed out that students should also have the opportunity to influence decisions.

This has been the common thread within EU-CONEXUS from the beginning, as students actively participate in the Student Board, which advocates for student rights and the values of EU-CONEXUS. Students agreed that they will continue to advocate for the issues that are important to the future of education through continued action and participation.

Participating in the ESA 2023 Strasbourg event was not just an event, but a transformative experience for students and participants. Participants had the opportunity to network with their peers, gain invaluable knowledge, and develop important skills that will shape their future.

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