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One of the main objectives of EU‐CONEXUS is to create it’s campus identity. Implemented activities aim to develop the sense of affiliation to EU-CONEXUS among students and the staff of partner institutions, as well as to develop the perception of EU-CONEXUS as a promoter of European identity and culture in local, national and international communities.


Student Board is acting as the highest students representative body of the alliance. Student board members provide suggestions for a student related topics. Goal is to improve the connections among the students of  EU-CONEXUS partner institutions


Sport is one of the best ways to come together and develop a sense of affiliation. To promote EU‐CONEXUS and contribute to its international reputation, a Sport Committee will organise EU-CONEXUS Sport activities and EU-CONEXUS sport teams.

Due to the ongoing pandemic all sport activities go digital.

Because of the COVID19 crisis, the first sport challenge has been held only in Zadar students have ran a race on behalf of EU-CONEXUS partners.


The promotion of European culture and languages (including, culture, gastronomy and all other aspects of life) is one of the main objective of EU-CONEXUS. Due to the ongoing pandemic all cultural activities go digital.

The first cultural video is about greetings in the 6 partner universities of EU-CONEXUS: discover how to say hello in the 6 languages and the similarities and differences in the ways people greets each other verbally.

Other activities are under development and soon available:


Buddy system is important part of student life. In near future, the buddy system will help students in mobility but also offer services like language tandems or distance buddy tutors to students in  virtual  mobility or to students that are not yet in mobility. 


An EU-CONEXUS alumni network will be implemented to improve the visibility of EU‐CONEXUS and its connections with  the industry and society.


The summer and winter schools will be a good opportunity to offer mobility actions to the  students  of  partner  institutions  that  may not be  directly  involved  in  joint  study programs as well to  those  who  could  not  participate  to  student  mobility  during  the academic year and to the students of other European or international universities.

The summer/winter school programs allow for a major staff mobility and better integration of partner institutions. It is an important opportunity to improve the relations with the local community.

The  summer/winter  schools will be organised on all aspects of the smart urban coastal area topics and include the presentation of the cultures, traditions and languages of the local community and the partner institutions’ countries and Europe in general. 

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