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Seas and oceans are drivers for our economy and have great potential for innovation and growth. Blue economy promotes a sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth while preserving the health of ocean ecosystems.

The EU-CONEXUS Minor in Blue Economy and Growth provides you competences and professional skills related to the main industrial and service sectors of the blue economy, which are among the main established and emerging economic maritime sectors:

The learning outcomes of this minor will be achieved under practical and professional activities.

Shape your Minor and enrich your knowledge and proficiency in Sustainable Blue Economy!

You can check here the Course Catalogue that includes the full list and details of courses proposed by the 6 universities within EU-CONEXUS and below, the confirmed courses for spring 2024.

Please follow the next steps (only bachelor students that will be in the next semester in the II nd, III rd and IV th year of studies):

  1. Prepare your CV in English, also mentioning the extra-curricular activities in which you participated within the University or in the EU-CONEXUS project,
  2. Write a letter of motivation explaining the reasons why you choose the Minor program and / or the courses you enroll in (what study and career plans you have, interest in the topics of the courses, interest in international experience, etc.)
  3. Prepare your proof of the level of your language skills in English (Cambridge, Toefl, TOEIC or any similar certificate); no problem if you don’t have it, you’ll participate to a 10 minutes oral test
  4. Contact directly by Microsoft Teams Ramona Diac, EU-CONEXUS Minor Officer, – to receive more info about the Minor courses and to complete the Minor Application Form with her.

New Students Minor Blue Economy – Google Forms

If you do not wish to attend the full Minor´s programme, you can always choose only the courses that interest you and enjoy some of the benefits of the EU-CONEXUS experience and to have them listed in your Diploma Supplement. Please follow the same procedure for registration.

The deadline is 5 February – end of the day.

In the Blue Economy and Growth Minor, UTCB is providing the following courses only for the spring semester: 

The courses are organised by the Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages (FILS).

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