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National final of the THINK SMART, CREATE GREEN international school competition

On Wednesday, April 14, the final national stage for Romania of the THINK SMART, CREATE GREEN International School Competition took place, organized by EU-CONEXUS.

The international competition was dedicated to high-school students who want to become the creators of the future in which we all want to live. The works consisted in presenting the ideas and aspirations about the future of the coastal city that each team chose, in the form of a poster or video. Nationally, students from schools in Bucharest and Ilfov, belonging to two age categories (13-14 years and 14-15 years) entered the competition and submitted their projects online.

Category 13-14 years

Category 14-15 years

The judging commission from the Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest was formed by

The Commission awarded the first scores according to criteria that analyse the quality of the work, compliance with established rules, creativity and originality, how the sustainable development of the environment was approached in the project, the ability to present the project in English (fluency and clarity). All teams went to the next stage of English project presentation in front of the jury for a maximum of 10 minutes. The event took place online, and the latest scores were given depending on how they were presented.

All the projects in the competition were creative, the high-school students made a consistent effort to achieve them and enjoyed the process they went through. The scores were very close, but the winners were:

The winning teams, one for each age category, will move on to the international stage, where they will have to submit their projects to an EU-CONEXUS international jury, consisting of one member from each EU-CONEXUS partner country and others.

The competition ends with numerous prizes: at national level students will receive certificates of participation and sustainable gifts EU-CONEXUS and internationally a trip to an EU-CONEXUS city or Brussels (Belgium), with a guided visit to the European Parliament, depending on the age category.

Fingers crossed for the Romanian teams to win the final international stage!

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