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Together with the European Student Network and the European University Foundation, the European Commission organized a promotional event to officially present and launch the newly revamped Erasmus+ App, which took place on 28th of January.

Students, representatives of Universities and policy advisors gathered to define and promote the benefits of the new services included in the app. EU-CONEXUS Minor students and staff were also interested in the event identifying the ways how the new Erasmus+ app will improve the mobility process within the consortium.

What will bring new the Erasmus+ App?

•    step-by-step guidance through the mobility journey – offering relevant information and mobility services before, during and after the exchange

•  student-centred tips and stories to support mobile students – sharing stories and meaningful experiences of other Erasmus+ students

•    student deals, services and events promoting engagement with intercultural activities and people from local communities – broadening the European students community.

Two of the EU-CONEXUS Minor Students accepted to share their opinions after exploring the app, presenting two different perspectives, a personal sharing and a pragmatic analysis.

”First of all, I embrace the idea of gathering all the relevant content about mobilities in one place. I think this app answers to the students’ needs for a long time ago and that finally it will help us to access easily structured information, avoiding the heavy paperwork mobility process.

Secondly, I’m excited to read other students stories and mobility tips that could help me in my next Erasmus+ journey. I saw there are many events and activities prepared by the European Students Network for the students interested in becoming involved in Erasmus+ community. I’m willing to participate to some students events in order to meet more people and extend my international friends network.” – Roxana Vasilief, UTCB – 2nd year student.

From a technical point of view, another 2nd year UTCB student, Radu-Cristian Gheorghe is sharing his short app’s review:

„The new Erasmus+ App is available to download in the Apple and Google App stores. I noticed that there is a short review of the application in the “about this app” section, thus allowing the user to understand its content. The application itself takes up approximately 38 MB of storage space for the phone, which is a plus for those with very low internal phone memory.

The application opens quickly when accessed. It has no bug when the user wants to scroll up or down. The home page of this application contains various articles related to the “Erasmus +” program. Among the articles we find on the main page there are some extracurricular options such as “Book club”. This activity is organized online, being intended for all those who are passionate about books and want to express their opinions on them.

 At the top of the screen you can see 5 icons, the first being “log in”, the second “about”, “notifications”, “liked” (in which the user-appreciated articles appear) and “share”. One thing I appreciate about the “about” section is the “General” and “login an account management” subsections, which contain the most frequently asked questions by users and the administrator’s answer to them. I could say that I am satisfied with the content of this application because it achieves its purpose, the informative one.

Things that can be improved

When you press the “back” button on the phone, it does not exit the application, but only if you press it twice.

There are many reviews on Google Play about “log in”, suggesting that users cannot log in or register and some have mentioned that some features are not available without an account.”

Are more curious now? Please, check the new Erasmus+ App and make your Erasmus+ journey smoother and more enjoyable!

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