UTCB event 21 July

22 July 2022

At this week’s Senate Meeting, Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest celebrated the results of its academic community, their civic involvement and that of its partners.

During the Senate Meeting of July 21, the university received the certificate attesting the qualification of High Confidence Degree awarded by ARACIS (the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education) following the periodic external evaluation of the quality of education, proof of the constant interest of the institution to improve our education programs and student experience. Also, as a sign of high appreciation, the Senate of the Bucharest Technical University of Construction invited the students who won prizes at prestigious student competitions and the students who graduated from the international academic programs offered by the EU-CONEXUS European university of which UTCB is a part:

The event continued with the recognition of the contribution of the actors involved in the smooth running of the UTCB Refugee Center’s activity, by awarding Certificates of Appreciation by the UTCB Senate and Rectorate. Hosting refugees from Ukraine in a welcoming environment was possible by the joint effort of UTCB students, university employees, non-governmental organizations, public and private institutions and individual donors. UTCB has hosted, since February, approximately 1,800 people who had to leave Ukraine. 

During this period, through the support provided by the partners, the accommodation spaces were arranged and equipped for socio-educational activities, so that the various needs of the refugees were met. In addition to being involved in the Center’s activity, the UTCB community, through an exceptional mobilization, collected and transported, at the border, donations for Ukrainian refugees. At the same time, social assistance, professional guidance, first aid, educational, social services were offered , psychological, legal counseling and material support.

The beginning of this process can be compared to the start of a marathon. In a short time, however, this marathon, through the coalition of the non-governmental sector, public authorities and the university, turned into a machine, which proved, early on, that it does not need a driver and which is fueled by kindness and love for those who need it the most.

Thus, the involvement of 60 UTCB students and employees and a number of 40 external partners in the efficient operation of the Refugee Center represents now a reference of a successful collaboration between civil society and public authorities and shows the university’s commitment to civic engagement and to the development of the spirit of active citizenship and empathy among students.

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