Research for Society Hackathon

25 May 2023

UTCB organized a Research for Society Hackathon during INNOCONSTRUCT, International Conference in Bucharest, Romania

Between 18-19th of May, UTCB Staff members and UTCB EU-CONEXUS Representatives participated at the 3rd edition of the INNOCONSTRUCT International Conference – How Digital, How Fast, a conference about innovation in the field of constructions.

The panels of the conference were dedicated to the advancement of the digitalization process in the construction industry. New approaches in the development of digital skills in construction and the technologies and solutions that support digitization, energy efficiency were highlighted.

The 1st day of the conference was dedicated to the presentation of smart technologies and solutions, representative case studies on the digitization of the industry, trends in the sector; the 2nd day combined the round table debate on: digitization, the classification system, circular economy and the future of professions, with the practical part, where a Hackathon organized by UTCB took place.

This Hackathon was organized under the auspices of the EU-CONEXUS Research for Society project. A total of four teams participated, consisting of a maximum of four UTCB students, plus one teacher and one stakeholder. Their aim was to identify solutions for the societal challenge we proposed – using the Digital Twin concept in building renovation to reduce the environmental impact. The students had to come up with innovative solutions taking into account the challenge proposed and to show how they can be applied on some of the spaces of the most famous building in Romania – The Romanian Palace of the Parliament, the heaviest building in the world and second largest administrative building in the world.

At the end of the Hackathon, two teams that best presented their creative solutions were awarded by the jury made up of specialists and representatives of the Romanian Cluster TEC Association, namely. Their solutions included the following processes:

– proactive consolidation and a heat map of the building, 3D scanning, the use of a thermic room, the use of photometrics, the use of BIM (Building Information Modelling) Technologies, Team III, entitled Eezy Evolve

–photovoltaic panels, reflective thermal curtains, geothermal pumps in Izvor Park (near the Palace of the Parliament), temperature sensor, CO2 sensor, natural light sensor, Team IV entitled ESL – Energy Saving Solutions.

The jury was made of the following representatives:

We would also like to thank the mentors of the teams for their involvement and for the crucial support offered to the students:

UTCB researchers:


The prize worth 1000 euros was split between the two winning teams, as the jury considered both of them worthy of the 1st place.

The winners were:

– Team III, entitled Eezy Evolve – Ovidiu Sandru, Alexia-Maria Radu, Constantin Dănuț Docuz, Isabel Măglan and

– Team IV, entitled ESL – Energy Saving Solutions – Giulia Mocanu, Roberto Sofrone, Estefania Alexandra Brănescu, Marius Cristea.

The agenda of the event can be accessed here –

Congratulations to all 16 participants and to the winners!

Estefania Alexandra Brănescu

Alexia-Maria Codoi

Marius Cristea

Andrei Dincă

Constantin Dănuț Docuz

Andreea Ion

Bogdan Ion

Vasile-Marcel Jurarele

Ana-Alexandra Lăcătuș

Isabel Măglan

Giulia Mocanu

Onur Nasurla

Alexia-Nicoleta Prisecaru

Alexia-Maria Radu

Ovidiu Sandru

Roberto Sofrone

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