UTCB at the first EU-CONEXUS festival held in Klaipėda

9 September 2021

On August 24-26, UTCB participated in the first EU-CONEXUS Festival that took place at Klaipėda University. Nearly 100 members of the EU-CONEXUS community gathered in Klaipėda: the heads of partner universities, researchers, staff, students, art groups, and athletes. UTCB group was represented by 8 students from Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages and 4 members of EU-CONEXUS Department.

The beginning of the Festival on August 24 was marked by raising the EU-CONEXUS flag in the KU campus. The most important feature of this Festival was that it was the first live meeting of the EU-CONEXUS communities. The UTCB group was also welcomed by a member of the Romanian Embassy in Lithuania, Consul Mihai Manolescu, who applauded our contribution in this cultural event.

” Being a part of the EU-CONEXUS community is by far the greatest experience that the student life offered me. People with warm souls, astonishing views, laughter and merriness; I had the fortune to admire them all through a unique opportunity, the Klaipeda Festival of Culture. It not only enriched my prospects of life but it offered me devoted friends and unforgettable lessons that I strongly believe every student needs. Remembering this chance, I had, leaves me a wide smile on face and it makes me eager for more experiences together with this beautiful family called EU-CONEXUS.” – Amalia Dumitru, UTCB student.

The programme of the event was enriched by the XXII International University Theatre Forum held in Klaipėda at that time, where the UTCB students presented their performance” A travel through time”, grateful to interact live with the Lithuanian public. The UTCB students enjoyed their experience and made great memories as part of the EU-CONEXUS community.

”EU-CONEXUS = innovation + knowledge + connections. This is the perfect equation which can describe for me the experience within this festival. Besides new knowledge learned, new places seen, the most valuable thing was communicating with different people from different cultural backgrounds. I also learned to work in a team with new people, to overcome my shyness, to understand and respect different customs, to overcome the language barrier and practice my English. After this period, I better understood the basics of the EU-CONEXUS community, the basic operating principle, meaning international connections but also the benefits and opportunities within the programme, all of which I gained representing a bonus point for my future CV, as well as for my personal and professional development.” Izabela Bucur, FILS student.

An evening presenting Lithuanian traditions and culture was organized for the guests from other countries: a lot of good emotions came when learning Lithuanian traditional dance steps together with the KU student national art ensemble Vytinė.

” Participating in the mobility to Klaipėda, as well as the festival, was a thrilling and delightful experience. Apart from the fact that I got to visit a new city in another country that I’d never visited before, which makes the travel addict in me happy, I also got to learn more about its culture and history, see a variety of interesting attractions, and meet students from various countries. Not only did the planned activities help us bond and mingle, but we also had the opportunity to spend time with each other outside of the schedule, which I believe will be extremely beneficial to me in the future. This experience changed my perception of the EU-CONEXUS community, allowing me to see it as more than just a wonderful educational opportunity, but rather as a European family eager to welcome any student into its arms.” Roxana Diaconu, FILS student.

On the last day of the Festival, the students had a unique opportunity to try their strength at an Inter-university Dragon Boat Race, which was won by the students from the University of Zadar. The closing ceremony was an occasion to reflect of the great opportunity of meeting all together and experience so many meaningful moments in a such short period.

“This festival was an important event in the history of the European University we are creating. During the live meetings of the last three days, we have especially strengthened the ties of this large community,” says dr. Rima Mickevičienė, head of the EU-CONEXUS project in Klaipėda.

” Klaipeda Festival was an unforgettable experience. I met a lot of people and made new friends, I discovered new cultures and I learned how to appreciate what life has to offer. Klaipeda Festival was full of activities, performances and surprises. This was, by far, one of the most beautiful things that has ever happened to me.” Andra Baciu, UTCB student

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