UTCB student represents our university and EU-CONEXUS at European Student Assembly (ESA) 2023

11 July 2023

230 students from more than 30 European countries gathered at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France at the 2023 European Student Assembly (ESA 2023).

Our student, Alexia-Maria Radu from the Faculty of Railways, Roads and Bridges, represented both UTCB and the European Alliance we are part of (EU-CONEXUS) at this grand event.

Students from the European University Associations (EUA), including EU-CONEXUS, and numerous other partners gathered to engage in meaningful discussions, develop recommendations and advocate for change. The topics ranged from democracy and sustainability to mental health, foreign policy, and skills development.

You can find below Alexia’s statement regarding this experience.

”This is a grassroots initiative that provides a space for young people to engage in discussions on pressing matters, develop political recommendations for the future of Europe, and promote them to stakeholders and decision-makers. The project is entirely managed by a steering committee consisting of students, academic and non-academic staff from various higher education institutions across Europe. During ESA 2023 we have  generated a comprehensive set of recommendations covering 10 debate topics.

I had the honour to be assigned to Panel 5, which focused on prioritizing the well-being of individuals in terms of mental health.

The work began in March with my panel members and ended with the drafting of specific proposals that were brought to the attention and voted at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Our main objective revolved around raising awareness about the utmost importance of maintaining a harmonious balance between physical and mental well-being. Our task is far from finished. We now have a valuable opportunity to persist in promoting these recommendations to stakeholders and decision-makers across Europe, both at the national and regional levels. In the upcoming months, we will be organizing a series of dissemination events to ensure widespread awareness.

I am truly proud to having been involved in this undertaking it was an unforgettable experience, full of moments of cohesion and cultural exchange’.

More information about ESA 2023 can be accesed at this link.

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