EU-CONEXUS Minor Students exploring the new Erasmus+ App

3 February 2021

Together with the European Student Network and the European University Foundation, the European Commission organized a promotional event to officially present and launch the newly revamped Erasmus+ App, which took place on 28th of January.

Students, representatives of Universities and policy advisors gathered to define and promote the benefits of the new services included in the app. EU-CONEXUS Minor students and staff were also interested in the event identifying the ways how the new Erasmus+ app will improve the mobility process within the consortium.

What will bring new the Erasmus+ App?

•    step-by-step guidance through the mobility journey – offering relevant information and mobility services before, during and after the exchange

•  student-centred tips and stories to support mobile students – sharing stories and meaningful experiences of other Erasmus+ students

•    student deals, services and events promoting engagement with intercultural activities and people from local communities – broadening the European students community

Are more curious now? Please, check the new Erasmus+ App and make your Erasmus+ journey smoother and more enjoyable!

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